Thursday, August 18, 2011

L Francis gets 20db improvement with stem cells! Mine and his audiograms included!

Here's more proof(click to enlarge) that stem cells works, much to the shock of anti stem cell loons. Yet again, they have been proven wrong and will keep denying the wonders of stem cells. Meanwhile, me and my parents grow more and more excited for each and every successful case we read about. A big thank you to Francis for sharing his amazing success story! We can conclude that stem cells is indeed capable of achieving 0db hearing as well as improving hearing at every frequency, even at the highest frequencies! His 20db improvement coincides with the average improvement other successful pioneers attained.

This is my audiogram(click to enlarge) from 8-15-2011. It's similar to my previous audiograms give or take 5db. The bone conduction thresholds were vibrotactile. My speech awareness thresholds measured 85db HL in each ear. This means I can't even hear a shout unless it's less than a foot from my ears and forget about understanding a word! I also got new earmolds that day, hope they fit my ears snugly and comfortably.

Update: I came and they don't fit and produce feedback so I had them remade. This blog post is shorter than usual, but I will be posting more posts soon. I am still on track to get stem cells within 2-4 years once all the pioneers have gone ahead and their results are known. Technology also will be better and the average improvement will increase to 30db from today's 20db average.