Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boy born hoh/deaf improves with 600m stem cells from RNL bio!

I emailed RNL bio and also talked to others who have contacted this stem cell center that treated Chloe in 2009. Chloe still has nearly normal hearing in both ears a year later. The anti stem cell guys who insisted her improvement was only temporary are wrong. The antis have been proven wrong on every account and will continue to be proven wrong! Her improvement is permanent and her tinnitus is also gone!

This boy is 10 years old and was born hoh or deaf and after only one month, his hearing significantly improved! He will continue improving for a few more months and might not even need HAs anymore! RNL bio is also treating another boy(results soon!) born hoh or deaf and they are treating two adults with hearing loss and tinnitus. Me and my friends have asked for more information and before/after audiograms. Ill let you know his db loss and how many db improvement he achieved.

Some facts I have learned:

1. There's one decibal improvement in hearing per 10 million stem cells. You get 600m stem cells from RNL bio, yielding an average of 60db improvement! The early pioneers usually only got a few db improvement because they did not get enough stem cells. Chloe's amazing success certainly was helped by her getting 600m stem cells. I was informed by RNL bio that no one got a direct injection, not even Chloe.

2. Those researchers successfully restored hearing in 80% of the rats. I wouldn't be surprised if the other 20% attained some improvement but fell short of a full restoration. They mention human trials being 5-10 years away, but we know America is this far behind other countries due to the Bush ban and because so many people are anti stem cells.

3. I will share all the information I can get. Save both of your ears for stem cells which is superior to cochlear implants. There will be lots of regret by many CI wearers who wished they had waited just a bit longer. Fortunately, most aren't bilateral(two CIs) and stem cells can easily outperform CI if they get better than 80db HL. They then will enjoy excellent hearing with a properly fitted and programmed HA in their stem cell ear.

4. I also learned that if 600m stem cells fails to give you much of an improvement, RNL bio honestly does not recommend additional stem cells and to save your money. The cause for poor results would not be due to stem cells, but some other factor(such as defective genes) preventing stem cells from working fully. Should stem cells fail to give me much of an improvement, there's a genetic solution which ill get the chance to try in 5-10 years.

5. I will wait out 2010, but will look into getting 600m stem cells($30k cost) as early as spring of 2011 should stem cells be an amazing success for the other pioneers that RNL bio is treating this year and I see before/after audiograms. No stem cells will be injected directly into the ear as it's too risky. Even Chloe didn't get direct injection, all 600 million autologous stem cells was administered by IV.

6. A quick Google search shows plenty of proof that adult stem cells are safe and work while embryonic stem cells do nothing but cause tumors/cancer. Don Margolis has a great blog on stem cells with dozens of testimonials and facts. He even explains that many Americans are anti stem cells and believe the politician's and media's lies. They don't want to do their own research and learn the facts and truth.

7. A Google search using keywords such as "peer reviewed study stem cells" reveals hundreds of articles. Study demonstrates safety of cord blood stem cell transplantation protocol to treat neurological conditions. Another study in University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine proves that stem cells works for type 1 diabetes. This study conducted by Dr. Richard Burt shows adult stem cells could be used to treat MS.