Monday, April 20, 2009

I scored 35% speech CNC with a home test administered by dad.

 My dad read me a random list of 25 CNC words. I wrote them down then compared them to the list and used the official scoring system. It was done in the home office and I could hear the hum of computer fans and the TV in the next room. I would of scored higher if there was no noise. Also my HAs need to be reprogrammed for more gain and other features then I should get to like 50% score. I can already get about 75% score for sentences and numbers(1-100) so I consider my speech comphrension to be quite good and itll be even better when my HAs are reprogrammed.

1. JAR(jar)(3)
2. BOIL(body)(2)(I thought my dad mispronounced this one! It sounded like a two syllable word!)
3. TOUGH(hat)(0)
4. TOOTH(cat)(0)
  5. GOOSE(net)(0)
  6. TOAD(pond)(1)
  7. ROUTE(high)(0)
  8. MESS(nets)(1)
  9. KITE(wait)(1)
10. JUG(jug)(3)
11. PAD(held)(1)
12. SALVE(fine)(1)
13. VAN(bait)(1)
14. HOME(hold)(2)
15. CAPE(eight)(0)
16. SHORE(far)(1)
17. WRECK(sight)(0)
18. SHIRT(third)(2)
19. KNIFE(might)(1)
20. HULL(cow)(0)
21. YEARN(girth)(1)
22. SUN(burn)(2)
23. WHEEL(ear)(1)
24. FIT(state)(1)
25. PATCH(fought)(1)

I scored a 35%(max points=75, my score=26)

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