Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I got 75% correct for online sentence matrix hearing test!

Take the online sentence matrix test!

65db loudness as measured with SPL meter
male voice
normal speed
no noise
25 sentences

Scored 72%. First time I got a 63% with 10 sentences. Score about 5% less with female voice. Score around 40% with some noise and 25%(chance) with lots of noise. Is this considered a fairly decent score? What did you score and under what settings? Do any of you have a link to other online speech tests?

I tried again, same settings but 10 sentences. No repeats and got 73%

***The above results were from March. I took it again in June and scored 75% consistently with male voice, normal speed, 10 sentences, repeats allowed***


  1. 25 sentences, both M/F, no noise:

    Scored 45% with my CI, 17% with my HA.

  2. Is the test to be taken with headphones or computer speakers, got 98% with headphones. I messed up the word had for has. test was with male voice, normal speed, no background noise. Thanks,