Friday, July 24, 2009

Move over cyborg queen! The Ambling Rambler sets new CI record at -5db!

Move over Deanna Bono the Cyborg Queen with her record 10db! Robyn Carter, the Ambling Rambler sets new CI record at -5db! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw her audiogram! Thanks DeafLissa90 for the link to her audiogram and blog!

Check with Guinness world records, you could be famous! 

Her amazing CI score! Great blog, thanks for sharing your story! She lost all her hearing years ago so no residual hearing was sacrified.

She included her audiogram. I extrapolated/estimated additional frequencies to show the full range of 11 audiometric frequencies.

I have devised a foruma to calculate hearing. Ill explain it fully in another post. 

125Hz=0db HL
250Hz=5db HL
500Hz=0db HL
750Hz=5db HL
1000Hz=10db HL
1500Hz=0db HL
2000Hz=-5db HL
3000Hz=5db HL
4000Hz=10db HL
6000Hz=10db HL
8000Hz=0db HL

LFA=5/3=2(2x0.6=1) *normal*
MFA=10/5=2(2x0.3=1) *normal*
HFA=20/5=4(4x0.1=0) *normal*
OFA=40/11=4 *normal*
WFA=1+1+0=2 *normal*

Her current aided audiogram with CI. I rounded the db numbers to the nearest whole number. According to my math, she hears normally across the board! In fact she hears better than most hearing people, at least as far as quantity and thresholds goes! That is one amazing CI result you got there. Nothing worse than 10db and several with scores of at least 0db! Your record will probably last a very, very long time!

Furthermore, I was told that 10db was the best possible CI score and that 0db was impossible with CI and for the matter, with HA. I will need an official HA test to confirm the 0db aided score at 125Hz. However at that frequency, I hear better than hearing people. I don't have enough residual hearing to achieve 0db at above 250Hz. However I am interested in those with only a mild/moderate HL getting their HAs programmed for gains equal to their HL and ending up with 0db aided.  Don't you want to hear great at 0db?

I would be very interested to see how it was possible for her to achieve this record breaking CI results. Her audiologists and surgeon(s) should investigate and discover the factors contributing to such a steller result. They then can learn and share the knowlege with others and help improve CI technology. This will allow more people to end up hearing better with CI over what the best HAs with maximum gains could offer. It would also decrease the number of people who hear worse after CI, especially the borderline candidates with plenty of residual hearing and who should benefit great from HAs.

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