Monday, March 30, 2009

Cochlear implant average aided scores: 40db?

I have been looking all over the internet for case studies and here they are. It appears that average aided CI scores are 40db. It's not uncommon to get 30db and a few lucky people even get 20db! Hear again gets 10db to 30db at 250Hz to 2000Hz.(high frequency disabled) Overthepond has a 40db CI audiogram from what she's shown and posted on this forum. (name removed) gets 15-25db. LadySekhmet has the best CI audiogram anyone has ever seen with a 10-15db score. She actually says it's too good/loud and had it reduced a few db for now till her brain gets used to it.

I am just posting what I found from Google. Some of you are saying that the average is better than 40db. If so, this is good news and something I will need to read and learn about. I am also learning what, how and why CI aided results are the way they are. Ive read that how well a person hears with CI depends on:

1. Electrode array placement in the cochlea. 
2. How healthy your cochlea and auditory nerve are.
3. How well your brain responds to electrical pulses.
4. How good your mapping/programming is.
5. The type and quality of internal CI implant and external reciever.
6. Several other factors as well.

I know that how well a person hears with HAs is much more simple:

1. Type of HA.
2. How well it's programmed.
3. Amount of residual hearing.

45db to 60db aided.

About 40db aided.

Good aided score, 30-40db.

This case study shows a 30-35db CI score.

20-40db with CI. Impressive 20db in some frequencies.

This female tells her CI results: With my cochlear implant my hearing thresholds are now in the 25-40 dB HL range! I was flabbergasted and emotional when I saw my audiogram.

Cochlear Implant book says: On average, patients with cochlear implants demonstrate soundfield warble tone thresholds of 35 to 40 dB HL for the test frequencies of 250 to 4000 Hz.

Some more CI results: Our aided thresholds were typically in the 30-40 dB range.

CI candidate being told this: Oct 5, 2007 ... I was told that I may hear at the 30 to 40 db range if I get one.

More CI results: Cochlear implants (CIs) are typically programmed for each individual patient .... conditioned play techniques were seen around 35-40dB at test frequencies 

Another source for CI: Median thresholds were 40 dB

More CI scores: The cochlear implant has been described in the management of cognitively .... threshold of 40 dB HL were noted.


  1. Per your request, I have removed your daughter's name. I didn't see anything offensive about "(name removed) gets 15-25db." this is an impressive result and I was praising her for being a star CI wearer. There was nothing remotely negative about CI. I was simply showing proof in this blog post that average was in the 30-40db range.

  2. Would it be possible to get some of your references? I would like to use this for a paper.